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Guiding our community in eliminating intimate partner violence

through advocacy, education, and action for social change.

Domestic violence is a pattern of violent and coercive tactics committed by one intimate partner against the other. it involves a pattern of learned behavior. The actual or threatened violence may include physical, sexual, emotional, psychological, verbal or financial abuse.


Domestic violence perpetrators seek to control the thoughts, beliefs and conduct of their partner and may punish their partner for resisting control. Domestic violence is not caused by mental illness, genetics, drugs, alcohol, "out-of-control" behavior,

anger, stress, problems in the relationship or

because of any behavior of the victim.


Domestic violence is not the fault of the victim.

A victim of domestic violence should not be blamed.

He or she is a victim by the choice of the perptrator, not as a result of the victim's own action or character.


There is no "face" of domestic violence. Turning Point does not have a "typical" client. Domestic violence affects victims of every race, gender, religion, culture, and socio-economic status.